Hello Lynn. I just wanted to let you know how impressed Jen and I were with the painting that you did of Hye-Ran – the one that featured at her funeral. It really seemed to capture the essence of who she was, her personality and her warmth and it certainly deserved to take pride of place at the service. Fantastic work ,and well done. Best wishes.
Alan Chisholm – May 2019

Dear Lynn, I am so happy and honoured to be the owner of this wonderful portrait created by such a talented artist as you. Everyone in the family loves it and I can’t take my eyes off it. Thank you!!
Khatuna Shavgulidze – February 2018

Lynn I had no doubt you would produce something wonderful. You are a good friend and great artist.
Ed Walsh – February 2018

Thanks so much for our beautiful painting. Now hanging in situ….. It brings us so much joy and we love seeing it every day. Thank you! Huge love from us all.
Emmeline Schwieters – January 2018

I really like the portrait. It makes me smile. A good likeness of Mum I think, and it feels very familiar. Beautiful colours!
Jane Hardy – January 2017

Thanks Lynn for all your hard work on this lovely painting. It’s exciting to have my Mum back with me, checking everything from her position on the living room wall.
Ann Hardy – January 2017

Lynn, your work is amazing and we absolutely love the painting you did for us of our kids. Kenneth and I decided to write up a prenuptial agreement, and so now, if we ever break up I get to keep the painting.
Angela O’Connell – July 2016

Wow! Thank you so much. This is such a beautiful painting of my daughter. I am in love with it. You have captured her so beautifully – her eyes and her cheeky smile. I love the setting also. You have such an amazing talent. Thank you so very much. What a special gift from a special friend. Thanks Uncle Alex and thank you Lynn – our new family treasure……Absolutely beautiful. xx
Angel Hayden – January 2016

I love the painting! It looks just like me!
Lucy (7 years old) – January 2016

Thank you so much Lynn for such an amazing portrait. It is so much better than I ever imagined. Everyone in the family loves it. Thanks again Lynn.
Trish Rua – August 2015

Lynn’s works are treasures!
Bruce Nicol – July 2015

Love, love, love! I was thrilled with what Lynn did with the photo I gave her. She captured the kids’ personalities and the magic of our time at Disneyland as if she had been with us. Such a talented artist!
Kristin Lush – July 2015

I love your portraits Lynn. They are a bit ‘realismo magico.’
Daniela Catucci – June 2015

Hi Lynn. Thank you for a fantastic portrait. We are very happy with the finished work. Finding a great place to showcase your work is now the challenge!
Peter Koenders – May 2015

Thank you so much for the gorgeous portrait of my granddaughter and getting it done in time for their wedding present. The proud parents have already hung it in their living room and are very happy. Clara herself was positively glowing when they unwrapped it on Saturday. I am most appreciative.
Fern Mercier – November 2014

Have your beautiful painting on my phone as screen saver now. LOVE IT! Thank you, thank you, thank you XXX 🙂
Elles Hanepen – May 2014

Thank you so much Lynn. We just love the portrait. I never thought I would own anything so beautiful.
Judith Webster – May 2014

About Lynn

Lynn Pronk artist

I have been painting and drawing since I was young, and for as long as I can remember I’ve always created pictures with people. People really fascinate me and a painting or drawing without a person in it somehow feels incomplete, and not so interesting to me. Over time, my figure paintings developed into portraits. In my early thirties I first started painting family and friends, and more recently have specialised in children’s portraits. Now I am getting requests for memorial portraits as well.

Portraiture is my forte and passion, and it involves a lot more than just capturing a likeness. I try to capture the spirit of a person as well.

My work has a high emotional value and it’s very fulfilling to know my portraits will be treasured and part of a family for years to come. Each commission is a one of a kind and I enjoy the unique challenges that each one offers. I love the process of first communicating with clients and working with them to create a memorable portrait.

It’s easy to commission a portrait. Simply email or post me your favourite photo or photos and I will let you know if they are suitable.Both black and white and coloured photos are okay.

I can combine different photos to create a unique double or group portrait.

I can also create fantasy or theme based backgrounds.

Portraits usually take 3 to 4 weeks to complete, but if you have a deadline I can aim to meet this.

My standard size is 61 x 51cm on good quality stretched canvas.

All enquiries welcome. You can message me through this website, email me or if you prefer call me.